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Runners Conditions & Treatments

What are the most common conditions experienced by runners?

From foot pain to ankle pain, if you are a runner, you may already know that not every run is a walk in the park. Although running can help you meet your cardio needs, improve your leg and lung strength, and help reduce stress, it is also a high-impact sport that can put damaging levels of stress on your joints. As time goes on, the added stress can lead to certain conditions associated with running. Some of the most common running-related foot and ankle conditions include:

Achilles tendonitis

Achilles tendonitis occurs when the Achilles tendon — located at the back of your leg — is overstressed and becomes inflamed. Achilles tendonitis can occur if you intensify your training too soon, or if your calves are weak. Symptoms of Achilles tendonitis may include:

  • Aching or stiffness of your Achilles tendon, usually in the morning
  • Pain in the back of your heel that intensifies with physical activity
  • Thickening of your Achilles tendon
  • Affected area is swollen with the swelling increasing as the day goes on
  • Bone spurs

Plantar fasciitis

Plantar fasciitis occurs when the shock-absorbing tissue in your foot, called plantar fascia, becomes inflamed due to frequent stress or tension placed on your feet. You may be more prone to plantar fasciitis if you have certain foot traits, such as a high or low arch. You may also be more likely to develop plantar fasciitis if your feet roll inward or outward more frequently than normal. Symptoms of plantar fasciitis include:

  • A shooting pain in your heel that usually starts in the morning
  • Heel pain after standing for an extended period of time or after exercising

Shin splints

Shin splints occur when the muscles, bone tissue, or tendons surrounding your shinbone become inflamed due to excessive or frequent stress. Changing your running routine or increasing the intensity of your runs without proper training can lead to shin splints. Having certain foot characteristics or not wearing proper footwear while running can also increase your risk of developing shin splints. Symptoms of shin splints may include:

  • Aching pain in your shinbone
  • Pain in the shinbone while you run or after you run
  • Pain that increases when the affected area is touched

In addition to the above conditions, running may also result in certain foot and ankle injuries, such as fractures and sprains.

How are running-related conditions treated?

From conservative treatment options to certain surgical treatment options, there are an array of options to help alleviate your pain and get you back on your feet. Depending on your condition, treatment options may include:

  • Resting
  • Icing the affected area
  • Wearing compression bandages
  • Wearing proper footwear
  • Foot and ankle strengthening exercises
  • Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medicines
  • Physical therapy
  • Cortisone injections
  • Certain procedures

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