Morton’s Neuromas

If you’ve had a burning, shooting pain or numbness between two of the toes of one of your feet, then you may have what’s called a Morton’s neuroma. Now, a neuroma is a swelling of a nerve that was discovered by a guy named Morton, and what happens is that there is a nerve that runs between the metatarsal bones of the foot, typically between the third and fourth metatarsal, so you may feel the pain between your third and fourth toes and this nerve takes a lot of pressure from those metatarsal bones. Over time, that builds up and can cause numbness, burning pain, shooting, stabbing pain. Typically the pain is made worse by tight shoes, but even a loose shoe, if it places any pressure on the sides of the metatarsal bones and compresses the forefoot, can lead to an increase in that pain. Treatment usually consists of initially conservative therapy which means finding a shoe that doesn’t place pressure on that area. Sometimes a cortisone injection can be used to release some of the pressure on the nerve and if those treatment options fail then in rare cases surgery is indicated to release the pressure and sometimes even remove part of the nerve to relieve the pressure although surgery is rarely indicated for this condition. So, if you’ve been experiencing these types of pains or you know someone that’s been experiencing these types of pains and you’re not sure what they are, I would invite you explore the website for more information or call the office for an appointment.

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