Laser Treatment for Fungal Toenails

Do you have thick, yellow unsightly painful toenails?

Do you have little yellow monsters dancing underneath your toenails?

You may have a condition called onychomycosis or toenail fungus. This is a very common condition caused by a fungus that infects the nails by getting into the skin underneath the nail and digesting the nail plate causing it to turn thick, yellow and sometimes brittle and very difficult to cut as well as unsightly. There have traditionally been a few different treatments out there for that. The first is a topical treatment with a medicine that was applied to the nail plate and this can take a long time and since it doesn’t absorb very well through the nail plate, into the skin, under the nail, it wasn’t really that effective. The other treatment is a pill which requires a three month trial of an anti-fungal medication which gets into the skin, underneath the nail, thereby killing the fungal infection inside the nailbed. This is an effective treatment but now another treatment is available. A laser treatment, FDA approved for treatment of fungal toenails. This treatment utilizes a laser beam which penetrates through the nail plate into the skin, underneath the nail, thereby killing the fungus that lives under and around the nail and allows a new nail to start to grow out right away. It usually involves one or two treatments in an outpatient facility and patients rarely experience any sort of pain with this procedure and the procedure has about a 60-80% success rate. So, if you or someone you know has yellow thick toenails, I would encourage you to come into the office so we can evaluate, test the toenails, confirm the diagnosis and then see which treatment option would be best for you to eradicate your nail fungus.

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