Hi, I want to talk to you a little bit about a hammertoe. Now you’ve probably heard this term before because it’s a really common condition. A hammertoe is usually a genetic condition, something that you might have inherited from a family member, but what happens is one of the joints inside the toes starts to bend ever so slightly and it can develop progressively overtime. It can become either rigid, where it’s stuck in one position or sometimes it’s a flexible deformity, where you can sort of straighten the toe out. But over time, what happens is, that joint becomes slightly painful and progressively worse and you can even develop a painful corn either on the end of the toe, or sometimes on the top of the toe, or really commonly on the fifth toe, just on the side of the toe. Usually this is made worse by a tight shoe, but for a lot of people, in any type of shoe, this will develop a painful corn and that can require occasional treatment. The treatments that we recommend for this, if there is a painful corn, usually we recommend shaving it down on an occasional basis as often as would need be. Beyond that, we recommend cushioning and padding. There are a various types of cushions and pads that you can use that will relieve the pressure on the area and of course using a comfortable shoe that doesn’t rub on the area. If these conservative treatment options fail, then there are surgical treatment options as well. Now these surgical treatment options have come a long way over the years. There’s a very high predictable rate of success and generally a very low complication rate. A lot of these procedures can be performed in the office with a minimal amount of downtime, you can get back on your feet generally right away and back to regular activities in no time. So I would invite to explore the website for more information or call the office for an appointment.

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