Foot & Ankle Surgery

There is no such thing as minor surgery and we treat a lot of different conditions in the office and we try to use conservative care as much as possible, but there are some conditions that are best treated surgically. If you think you have such a condition, I would encourage you to come into the office so we can discuss it. What will happen at that point is we can talk about the condition, review the x-rays if that’s appropriate, and review the risks, the benefits, the alternatives to the procedure as well as what is going to happen before the procedure, on the day of the procedure and on the days and the weeks and the months after it and what you can expect. Most of these procedures that we perform allow you to get back on your feet as soon as possible and allow walking on the same day of the procedure and get you back to your activities sooner than you might even think. So, if you have a condition that you think might best be treated surgically or you are seeking a second opinion for something that has already been evaluated, I would encourage you to make an appointment in the office so we can discuss it together, evaluate your foot condition and make a comfortable decision together.

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