Custom Orthotics

An Orthotic is a custom made arch support that goes into all your shoes, it replaces the insole that comes with a shoe and it provides support for the foot in such a way so that it balances out the heel, it supports the arch and it cushions the forefoot and puts your foot into what we call a biomechanically ideal position so that your foot hits the ground in just the right way. Now this can relieve a lot of painful foot conditions just by supporting and cushioning the arch and heel. In addition, it may relieve some pain going up the chain including ankle, knee, hip and back pain and it has been shown in clinical studies to reduce back pain not just by supporting the foot but by, in some cases, balancing out the feet when one leg is shorter than the other which can be compensated by an orthotic. Do you have one leg that is shorter than other? Well, if you’re like 96% of the population, then you probably do. So why custom orthotics? Why can’t you just go to the drug store and pick up an over-the-counter orthotic? Well your foot is different from my foot and is different from everybody else’s foot and you need an orthotic that’s designed specifically for your foot to provide the amount of support and cushioning that your foot needs and will also last you for the rest your life whereas a store bought orthotic may not quite provide the amount of support that your foot needs and is certainly not going to last you for the rest of your life.

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