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What are orthotics?

All feet are not created equal. Some of us have flat feet, some have medium arches, and some have high arches. Depending on your unique foot type and characteristics, you may develop certain foot-related conditions. Orthotics are store-bought or custom-made prescription foot pads, arch support insoles, ankle braces, or orthopedic shoes designed to meet the unique needs of your feet.

Why are orthotics used?

Generally, orthotics are used to aid in the prevention and correction of certain malformations of the foot, to improve foot performance and gait, and to provide enhanced foot or ankle support. Orthotics can be used to help alleviate foot-related conditions such as:

How are orthotics fitted?

To help determine if your feet are in need of orthotics, your doctor will take X-rays of your feet. Your doctor will also assess the way you walk and how your body moves as you walk. If your doctor determines that you are an appropriate candidate for orthotics — depending on the needs of your feet — your doctor will either recommend over-the-counter orthotics or create a mold of your feet, which will be used to produce your unique custom-made orthotics.

What are the benefits of orthotics?

Orthotics have various benefits to help get your feet back on track. Orthotics are beneficial because they:

  • Provide comfort and foot relief of certain foot conditions
  • Provide custom-made support that is unique to the needs of your feet
  • Aid in the prevention and correction of certain foot malformations
  • Improve foot performance and gait
  • Provide enhanced foot or ankle support

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