Get Your Steroids Here, Fresh Hot Steroids! (Part 2)

In the last exciting and fun-filled blog we were talking about corticosteroids, and their use on a daily basis in my NYC podiatry practice.  The use of injectable and ...

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What the Heel: Victor Cruz Out for the Preseason? (Part 2)

As my loyal NYC podiatry readers may recall, a few weeks back we talked about Victor Cruz, and his heel injury.  And while the New York Giants are ...

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Kevin Ware: A Devastating Injury

Devastating.  Gruesome.  Catastrophic.  Grotesque.  Just a few of the words used to describe the injury sustained by University of Louisville guard Kevin Ware on the night of March ...

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Why Is There Pain Along My Ankle?

So you woke up this morning with an annoying pain along the inside or outside of the ankle.  Or you were running, playing basketball, power walking, or bouncing ...

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Broke-o Fibula-to Demi Lovato

Delivering bad news – it’s the part of this job that I hate the most.  And today it’s bad news for Camp Rock 4.  Our favorite Disney and ...

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