bunion surgery

When Should I Get Bunion Surgery?

Here’s a question I get pretty often: why feet?  And I answer, because I love feet. And usually I’ll add a comment about how it’s a good thing ...

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new year

How’s it Going?

It’s that time of year again my dear NYC podiatry patients, and for that matter it’s that time of the decade. Time to kiss the 10’s goodbye and ...

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heel pain

Heal the Heel

Ok kids time for a little word association. Tell me the first thing you think of when I say – plantar fasciitis. If it starts with an F ...

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And I Thank You

Shocking, yet not surprising, the year is coming to a close and it’s already time to shop bargains on turkey and squash. If you’re reading this it’s highly ...

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Why You Should Call Your Podiatrist (even after hours)

It’s relatively late at night in the city as I write this, and many of my dear Manhattan podiatry patients may be wondering what it is I’m doing ...

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nyc podiatrist

Heal Thyself

Summer’s over now kids, although if you’re like me summer is just winter with heat. Still, I do get a little pit in my stomach as Labor Day ...

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minimally invasive bunion surgery

Laser Bunionectomy or Minimally Invasive Bunion Surgery?

It’s an attention grabbing title isn’t it?  Well sorry kids it’s a bit of a misnomer. It’s a common question, but no there actually isn’t a laser procedure ...

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plantar wart treatment

New Treatment for Plantar Warts

Well kids, summer is finally here. School is over, the weather is hot, fireflies are lighting up, and the feet are exposed. And that means it’s all out ...

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Spring Into Footcare

Yes, it’s April already, despite what your weather dude says. If you are lucky enough to be in NYC, you’ve been enjoying some warmer weather recently. And that ...

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foot screening event flyer

Happy Foot Health Awareness Month!

In honor of Foot Health Awareness Month, we will be offering free foot screenings at our Bronx location on Thursday, April 4th. RSVP to reserve your free consultation ...

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