How’s it Going?

It’s that time of year again my dear NYC podiatry patients, and for that matter it’s that time of the decade. Time to kiss the 10’s goodbye and get ready for the roaring 20’s. And yes, in the text of this most hallowed blogosphere I have a few things to say about that.

As the great poet of the stage Ernest Anastasio III once remarked:  it’s easy sometimes when you just coast along, but like it or not something always seems to go wrong. Right, I know, not exactly an optimistic sentiment to coast along into the new decade with, but as a consummate optimist, my lens tends to be a bit more positive. It’s a new year, new decade, new cycle of the daily Talmud study, and it’s even an election year, so time to start fresh.  Dust off the workout shoes - no doubt sweetly complemented by a pair of custom orthotics, make some fresh resolutions, put a little energy into it and make this your year and decade.

Need some motivation?  Here’s a few unsolicited tips for you, and I won’t even charge a copay:

  • Wake up thankful
  • You never regret a workout, only not working out
  • Most things heal, and most annoyances and pains resolve
  • That other fella may not be trying to step on you on purpose, you just happen to be in the way.
  • I’m always happy to see you.
  • It’s an election year.

Well that’s about it for now. My random musings on the coming year under the influence of altitude, cabin pressure, oxygen deprivation and a descent into Ben Gurion airport. Hope last year and decade were great, and if not let’s make this year great, period.

See you in the office.

Ernest Isaacson

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