Are Your Toenails Ready for Spring?

The calendar has decreed it, so it must be true.  The transition has finally been made from the long cold lonely winter to a nice NYC spring.  Damn the weather, it’s time to show our toes once again.  And while the outside temperature may not quite match the season as indicated on the your calendar, spring is upon us, and that means a visit to your NYC podiatrist to fix those gnarly toenails that have been hibernating in wool socks and Uggs all winter.  Ugh indeed.  Let’s talk toenails.

Those nails that look like something out of Dumb and Dumber may not just be due to the effects of the cold. It is quite possible that you are one of my many NYC podiatry patients that suffer from the dreaded onychomycosis - or toenail fungus.  If that’s the case, there are many remedies and treatments available.  From the latest in powerful pills that can eradicate the fungus from underneath the toenails (come on, you know those commercials with the little yellow monsters dancing under the nails) to state of the art fungal laser treatment that can painlessly eliminate the effects of nail fungus in a few short office visits.

And if the discoloration is not due to a fungus (a simple test will confirm the diagnosis with 98% accuracy), then we have treatments available as well.  Dr.’s Remedy is a physician-formulated nail polish that is based on natural ingredients and designed to promote healthy nail growth, all while remaining worthy of open toed sandals.  And, our NYC podiatry office is also proud to feature Keryflex, a new system for temporarily restoring the healthy appearance of nails - perfect for getting the nails beach ready.  Now’s the time to consider all these options, right in time for the summer.

So, my dear NYC podiatry patients, the weather outside may still be cold, but at some point this winter has to break, and when it does, it’s time to bust out some new tootsies.

See you in the office.

Ernest Isaacson

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